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S.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title and Ref.No./Tender ID Organisation Chain
1. 09-May-2022 05:55 PM 19-May-2022 11:30 AM 20-May-2022 12:00 PM [TENDER FOR SUPPLY OF PREMIX] [11-4/FT/PRO/PSD/CPDOTI/86][2022_DADF_687955_1] Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries||National Livestock Mission Division - DADF
2. 12-May-2022 11:30 AM 19-May-2022 11:30 AM 19-May-2022 02:30 PM [NOTICE INVITING TENDER FOR REPAIRING OF ELECTRONIC MODULE OF 15MW TG AVR/DVR PANEL IN SGP PLANT, RCF THAL.] [TH/EES/NIT-27/SGP/AVR-DVR/22][2022_RCFL_688494_1] Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd.||IT,RCFLTD,MCF
3. 30-Apr-2022 03:00 PM 19-May-2022 11:30 AM 20-May-2022 12:00 PM [Garden Maintenance Services at Raman Science Centre and Planetarium, Nagpur] [NSCM/15023/5(A)/2022][2022_NCSM_686589_1] National Council of Science Museums||Nehru Science Centre-Mumbai - NCSM||Stores and Purchase-NSC-M - NCSM
4. 28-Apr-2022 06:00 PM 19-May-2022 11:30 AM 20-May-2022 12:00 PM [NOTICE INVITING TENDER FOR HOUSEKEEPING] [01/GST/GST/2022][2022_DREV_686130_1] Department of Revenue||Central Board of Excise and Customs||Customs and CGST Commrt. Jabalpur||Jabalpur-I Division
5. 09-Apr-2022 11:30 AM 19-May-2022 11:30 AM 23-May-2022 11:30 AM [Providing of slab over cable trench, railing and footpath/Stair and renovation of Store Room at Power House TPS.] [NH/TPS/PnC/NIT/2022/ E51599/877/449 dt07/04/22][2022_NHPC_682749_1] NHPC Limited||Tanakpur Power Station-NHPC
6. 12-May-2022 11:00 AM 19-May-2022 12:00 PM 20-May-2022 01:00 PM [SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF EQUIPMENTS IN GYMNASIUM AT REGIONAL OFFICE, ESIC, 5/1, GRANT LANE, KOLKATA 700012 Non transferable] [41/RO/Kol/GYM/2021-Genl][2022_ESIC_688411_1] Employees State Insurance Corporation||R.O. West Bengal||Construction Branch
7. 27-Apr-2022 06:00 PM 19-May-2022 12:00 PM 20-May-2022 12:00 PM [Hiring of Vehicle] [PMG(SB)/Mails-I/Hired Vehicle/DPS(SB) Region][2022_DOP_685956_1] Department of Posts||West Bengal Circle,Dept. of Posts||PMG,South Bengal Region,Kolkata,POST
8. 22-Apr-2022 06:00 PM 19-May-2022 12:00 PM 20-May-2022 03:00 PM [Procurement of 01 No. Lyophilizer] [RGIPT/JAIS/Project/2022-23/02 ][2022_RGIPT_685164_1] Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology||Jais Amethi - Uttar Pradesh||Department of Basic Science
9. 07-Apr-2022 10:00 AM 19-May-2022 12:00 PM 20-May-2022 03:00 PM [Replacement of failed heat-exchangers HAWE-1, HAWE-2, ILRE-2 and RWE of thermo-syphon type evaporators] [BARC/NRBT/RWM/PM/2021/AS-30][2022_NRB_681792_1] Nuclear Recycle Board||Tarapur - Operations (INRPO) - NRB
10. 30-Apr-2022 06:00 PM 19-May-2022 12:00 PM 20-May-2022 02:30 PM [MAINTENENCE AND RUNNING OF CYCLE STAND AT HPO KANPUR-208001] [D-1/CYCLE STAND/CH-VI/KANPUR/2021-22][2022_DOP_686614_1] Department of Posts||UP Circle, Dept of Posts||CPMG,UP Circle,POST||DPS (HQ), CPMG UP Circle,Lucknow,POST
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